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Connecting with exceptional candidates isn’t always easy. Qualified talent is consistently in high demand, and very often, the most qualified professionals are not looking to immediately change jobs. Finding the right fit can often be time-consuming and costly. 

As a client-centric consultancy, our business model is based on the needs of our clients and the feedback they have offered us over the years. With the resources of global scale and the capability of local strength, our reach extends throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. Our company recognizes the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit and uniqueness for the success of a company in a competitive new market. We find leaders for our clients who are just as individual and motivated as they are. Our clients are always our top priority, and we guarantee the superior service that they expect and deserve.

Cesna Recruitment is a multinational talent recruitment service company which operates in the Asia-Pacific region, the United States, and China

We commit to

Efficient Responses: After receiving the request to introduce a candidate, our talented consultants respond and give feedback within 4 hours.

Quality Guarantee: We assure the 100% success rate that we promise, and will keep working with potential candidates until our client is satisfied.

Confidentiality: To protect the interests of both candidates and clients, we maintain the highest level of confidentiality for each recruiting position and do not publicly expose the position's information.

We believe

Philosophy & Policy

We have grown through advocating a strong belief in our corporate core philosophy and policy, both of which will remain forever as the culture of Cesna.


Diversity & Inclusion, Fairness, Openness


Efficient, Integrity, Morality, Trust

Cesna Group’s organizational structure is divided into 12 market coverage areas which enable us to hone our recruitment services based on the specific characteristics of our clients’ industries. This organization structure also allows our recruitment consultants to develop a refined and complex market understanding in order to better propose suitable candidates for the right job openings of our clients.

Furthermore, through serving the global market of multinational companies, we recognize the importance of the diversity of the languages of every consultant. Our consultants represent a wide array of cultural backgrounds and are all fluent in two to three languages, to facilitate successful communication with and recruitment services for our clients.

Teams & 12 Market Coverage Areas

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